WWEMA Position Papers

The WWEMA Board of Directors has adopted the following position papers written by WWEMA-member task forces:

Green Technologies

The green movement has created a unique opportunity for water and wastewater equipment suppliers to rebrand their products by featuring the green aspects of their technologies (click here to access).

Chemical / Facility and Water Security

By understanding the regulatory oversight and progress in both chemical/facility security and water security, the industry can best influence and prepare for future regulatory changes (click here to access; password protected).

Drinking Water Contaminants

There has been accelerated activity at EPA in the past year with regards to planning for new drinking water contaminant regulations, many of which will impact technologies of choice by utilities (click here to access; password protected).


Barriers and/or resistance to new technology and alternative project delivery methods can make it difficult to implement innovative and low life-cycle cost solutions (click here to access; password protected).

Nutrient Control

EPA's nutrient strategies over the last 10 years have failed and a new approach must be taken to develop standards that are achievable, measurable, and fiscally reasonable (click here to access; password protected).

Regulatory Impact on POTWs

WWEMA needs to continue to monitor that any proposed regulations are based on sounds science and, more important, available technology with reasonable financial impacts (click here to access; password protected).

Sanitary Sewer Overflows

There definitely is great market potential for equipment suppliers in the municipal sector with technologies that can address the nation's aging water infrastructure and sanitary sewer overflows (click here to access; password protected).

Water Reuse

There are no federal regulations or legislation directly addressing water reuse practice in the United States, just a patchwork of various state rules related to performance requirements (click here to access; password protected).

Water / Energy Nexus

If present practices remain unchanged, water and energy are on a collision course of supply and demand that has already proven to be unsustainable (click here to access; password protected).

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