The ConsensusDocs Coalition is a group of 40 leading design and construction industry associations who have come together to develop ConsensusDocs, standardized contract documents written by and for the design and construction industry.  ConsensusDocs saves you time and money by incorporating best practices and fair risk allocation into contracts. WWEMA is a member of the Coalition and in the past has had members participate in contract language development. They are currently looking for volunteers to be part of a Master Subcontract Working Group that will kick off the week of February 19th.  Additionally, they are about to reconvene a working group to create a P3 agreement by adding operations and maintenance to the ConsensusDocs 415 agreement.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or learning more about these efforts, please contact Vanessa at (703) 444-1777 or  As a WWEMA member, you also get a discount for purchasing any of the 100+ contracts currently available from ConsensusDocs.  If interested, please contact Vanessa for the WWEMA discount code.