At the 92nd Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (or WEFTEC), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), announced a new initiative to help cities across the nation address critical staffing shortages of operations and maintenance personnel in the drinking and waste water industry. The program is titled the Water Workforce Initiative. In a related press release, EPA stated the goal of the initiative is to provide federal leadership, collaborate with partners, and increase public awareness to bolster interest in water sector careers—a field that is charged with ensuring that all Americans have access to clean and safe water.” A statistic cited is that nearly one-third of drinking water and wastewater operators in the U.S. will be eligible to retire in the next 10 years. WEF President Tom Kunetz is quoted as saying, “WEF is very grateful that EPA is collaborating with our organization and others to address critical workforce needs and believes the agency’s support will help advance current initiatives and better target federal efforts to the water sector.” More information about this initiative can be found on EPA’s website HERE.