In a July 8, 2020 Press Release, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the availability of a new assessment tool to assist water utilities in evaluating the financial impact of COVID-19 on operations. The pandemic is challenging both the operations and financial health of most utilities. Many expect to experience severe revenue declines due to reduced industrial consumption and orders to prevent turnoffs for non-payment (and re-establish service for those who already had service terminated). At the same time, utilities have been burdened with additional operational costs related to overtime wages and personal protective equipment (PPE) purchases. The Water Utility COVID-19 Financial Impact Tool, which was developed by EPA’s Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center, leads water utilities through a series of questions showing how their revenues, expenses, and cashflow have been affected. It is hoped this tool will help water utilities better understand their fiscal health and plan both ongoing maintenance and long-term capital projects. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is quoted as saying, “It’s important for water utilities to understand–as early as possible–how to carry out their responsibilities and plan reinvestment for their communities as local economies start to recover from COVID-19.” The analysis tool can be accessed on EPA’s website HERE.