In an April 18, 2019 Press Release, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it is seeking public input and comment on developing an Action Plan to accelerate the application of water reuse. Such reuse will provide a reliable and sustainable way to meet the country’s current and future water demands. EPA’s Assistant Administrator, David Ross is quoted as saying, “To meet the country’s most pressing water resources challenges, EPA recognizes the need for coordinated federal leadership.”


EPA released a Discussion Framework for Development of a Draft Water Reuse Action Plan (Discussion Framework) as a means to collect stakeholder feedback on its Water Reuse Action Plan. The Discussion Framework provides background and specific considerations that EPA wants to review, including:


  • Specific actions that can be taken now and in the future by federal agencies, states, tribes, local governments, water utilities, industry, agriculture, and others
  • Key relevant sources of information, such as literature, about water reuse, not already identified in the Discussion Framework
  • Examples of water reuse, both past and future that demonstrate opportunities and barriers
  • Concepts for applying water reuse strategies within integrated water resources management planning
  • Ways water reuse can improve water resiliency, security, and sustainability through a more diverse water portfolio


Input will be collected through July 1, 2019. To submit input on the Action Plan, visit and enter Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2019-0174.