On April 16, 2019, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent a copy of the proposed Perchlorate Drinking Water Rule to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) within the Executive Office’s Office of Management and Budget for review. This review is required for proposed rulemakings to ensure adherence to requirements of the Paperwork Reduction Act, which seeks to minimize government collection of information from the public in the conduct of its responsibilities. EPA decided to regulate perchlorate in drinking water under the Safe Drinking Water Act in 2011. EPA’s regulatory determination was based on the chemical’s known or likely occurrence at levels that present a public health concern. Perchlorate can disrupt the normal function of the thyroid gland in both children and adults. The thyroid plays an important role in metabolism, making and storing hormones that help regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and the rate at which food is converted into energy. As a result, it can interfere with the normal growth and development of the central nervous system in fetuses and infants. OIRA has 90 days to complete its review, but given EPA is under a court-order deadline, the review time is expected to be shortened.