On August 9, Vanessa Leiby, WWEMA Executive Director, participated in a briefing with the newly created Made in America Office within the Office of Management and Budget. During the briefing, Celeste Drake, Director of the Made in America Office, provided an overview of the Biden Administration’s approach to domestic preference legislation and policy. Specifically, Drake discussed the Administration’s “whole-of-government” approach to increasing domestic preferences and the importance of minority and disadvantaged business access to government procurement. She noted three primary functions of the Office: 1) centralized oversight of waiver programs with the goal of standardizing criteria across Federal Agencies; 2) centralized and transparent enforcement and implementation; and 3) identifying data-driven policy gaps and opportunities for entrepreneurs. WWEMA was one of a limited number of groups, along with U.S. defense contractors and others who attended the briefing that was arranged by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Following the call, WWEMA held an all-member meeting chaired by its Legislative and Regulatory Committee to educate our members on possible new legislative requirements and discuss the implications of these new requirements on company operations including supply chains and project costs and delivery schedules. Based on issues discussed at the Legislative and Regulatory Committee meeting, WWEMA prepared and forwarded a list of questions to EPA Assist Administrator for Water, Radhika Fox and other senior EPA Office of Water leaders. WWEMA will keep our members updated on their response and any additional developments.