On August 24, 2018 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the Final Extension of the Short-Term National Product Waiver for Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts Used in Pipe Couplings, Restraints, Joints, Flanges and Saddles. With this third and final extension, the waiver will retroactively cover nuts and bolts purchased since February 18, 2018 when the second extension expired. The sunset date for the waiver will be 18 months following the signing of the waiver or February 23, 2020. The waiver will not be renewed after this date.

This waiver, which can be found HERE, permits the purchase and use of non-domestically produced stainless steel nuts and bolts in bolting-type pipe couplings, restraints, joints, and repair saddles in iron and steel products for projects funded by a Clean Water State Revolving Fund or Drinking Water State Revolving Fund that may otherwise be prohibited absent this waiver. A list of covered products can be found HERE. Thank you to the WWEMA members who submitted comments regarding the waiver extension to EPA. In reviewing the rationale, EPA stated that there was insufficient evidence that U.S. manufacturers of stainless steel nuts and bolts could meet current demand within a reasonable timeframe. The extension has been put in place to allow these manufacturers time to prepare business plan changes and to ramp up domestic production. In reviewing the comments received, it was clear that WWEMA members were able to make a compelling case for the extension, if not for a permanent waiver. Another positive outcome appears to be that the onus for demonstrating capacity has shifted