Joined WWEMA: 2018
President: Adam Burke
Official Delegate: Sidney Blecher
Phone: 832-571-1111
P.O. Box 421982
Houston TX 77242
United States

Company Description

Active Water Solutions specializes in wastewater treatment and reuse solutions. AWS manufacturers transportable, self-contained wastewater treatment solutions that can support the development of small communities and subdivisions, allow existing facilities to easily increase treatment capacity and replace aging systems, provide immediate relief in disaster areas, and even help underdeveloped countries expand sanitation infrastructure and clean water sources.

A simple one-step process design delivers positive results for concerns including sufficing regulatory requirements, increasing project ROI and promoting global sustainability.
Active Water Solutions innovative product line permits solids to be taken in with minimal need for pretreatment and delivers high undiluted concentrate yields. Also, suspended and dissolved solids are separated down to their smallest molecular degree. The self-cleaning membranes demand notably less energy and need no backwash or process chemicals.

Technologies and Products
  • Bio-systems
  • Membrane systems