Vanessa Leiby, WWEMA Executive Director, was recently interviewed by Bob Crossen, Senior Managing Editor at Water & Wastes Digest, a WWEMA-member company. Leiby sat down with Crossen to share insights about what proposed changes to domestic preferences for both direct and indirect Federal procurement could mean to water industry costs, schedules, and technology selection. In the interview, Leiby explained the differences in scope and applicability of similar, yet distinct existing requirements for Buy America, Buy American, and American Iron and Steel. She also highlighted actions WWEMA has already taken on behalf of its members and the broader water industry to both educate the industry on possible changes to Buy America(n) requirements and to collect, analyze, and disseminate information about impacts of these changes to the government, utilities, industry, and the public. She noted the importance of tracking proposed changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements that affect Federal procurement for agencies such as Department of Defense and General Services Administration, particularly as these changes might serve as a model for how future Buy America(n) requirements are implemented more broadly across Federal procurement and funding programs. WWEMA’s Legislative and Regulatory Committee took a ‘deep dive’ into the proposed FAR regulatory language and compared it with other regulatory language in the U.S. EPA American Iron and Steel requirements and language included in H.R. 3684—the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act—with the goal of better understanding potential impacts on our members. To hear the complete interview, go HERE.