WWEMA was invited to participate in an October 15, 2018 Stakeholder Roundtable with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various representatives from industry, government, and environmental associations. At the meeting, EPA discussed how it might approach regulation of peak wet weather flows for sanitary sewer systems (SSS) and the stakeholders provided feedback. These flows occur after major wet weather events such as major rains or after a snowmelt. The following day, WWEMA attended a public meeting on this subject in Washington, DC. The purpose of both of these meetings was to solicit feedback regarding the viability and costs for alternative regulatory options under consideration by EPA.


In response to issues raised at the EPA stakeholder and public meetings, and after consultation with WWEMA members at its April 3-5, 2019 Washington Forum, WWEMA has prepared a formal position paper on this issue. An initial draft was presented at the meeting during the April 3, 2019 Legislative and Regulatory Committee meeting. After review and discussion, a vote was taken to formally accept this position paper. The position paper was subsequently approved by the Board of Directors. A copy of the position paper in now available on the WWEMA website HERE.