On January 29, 2019, WWEMA participated in the US Water Alliance One Water Council meeting. The meeting was conducted online via a webinar format and contained a presentation by Emily Simonson, Program Manager at the Alliance. Simonson’s presentation reviewed components of Consolidation that were referenced in a prior January 16, 2019 Alliance webinar addressing Utility Consolidation. A copy of that document, which is titled Utility Strengthening Through Consolidation: Guiding Principles for the Water Sector, can be found HERE.

A key component of this meeting included a presentation by Carrie Sanneman, Clean Water Program Manager, at the Willamette Partnership. The Partnership is an environmental nonprofit bringing market-based conservation to infrastructure, working lands, and public health across the West. Her presentation included a detailed review of three case studies for Agriculture-Municipal Water Quality Trading Partnerships. She discussed the benefits of various types of partnerships, and allocation of operating and funding risks. An overview of the meeting structure and Sanneman’s presentation is now available and can be accessed HERE. Lastly, the Alliance released Utility Strengthening Through Consolidation: A Briefing Paper; the paper is available HERE.