WWEMA is pleased to introduce our newest full members – Atlas Copco Compressors LLC; BB Communications Group, LLC; Bioworks North America, Inc.; Hunter Crown, LLC; KROHNE; Mazzei Injector Company, LLC; Monittor; Orège North America; Rodney Hunt; SSI Aeration, Inc.; and SUEZ WTS. You can learn more about these companies by clicking on their names below or on their logos on the WWEMA homepage, which directs you to their websites. A brief description of their product offerings is found below.

  • Atlas Copco Compressors LLC—air and gas blowers, oil-free compressors, and process controllers
  • BB Communications Group, LLC—marketing communications agency that exclusively serves the water and wastewater industry
  • Bioworks North America, Inc.—activated sludge treatment systems, diffused aeration, air and gas blowers, and water and wastewater purification systems,
  • Hunter Crown, LLC—executive search and recruiting firm in the water and wastewater space
  • KROHNE—chlorine and dissolved oxygen analyzers, flowmeters, and meters
  • Mazzei Injector Company, LLC—ozone injection systems
  • Monittor—platform enabling a new relationship between equipment manufacturers and their customers by creating a single source for service, parts, and support
  • Orège North America—sludge conditioning and thickening systems
  • Rodney Hunt—cast iron and stainless steel gates
  • SSI Aeration, Inc.— diffused aeration, filter media, pipe fittings, and complete wastewater treatment plants
  • SUEZ WTS—activated sludge treatment systems, desalination, anaerobic digesters, biosolids dryers, electrolytic systems (water/ wastewater), evaporators, and sludge incinerators

As a reminder, the full list of our member’s technologies is listed in the Technologies and Services Catalog on the WWEMA website. The WWEMA Official Delegate for these new members is: Atlas Copco Compressors LLC (Lee Ann Hellums), BB Communications Group, LLC (Beth Boeh), Bioworks North America, Inc. (Dave Gibson), Hunter Crown, LLC (Austin Meyermann), KROHNE (Richard Lowrie), Mazzei Injector Company, LLC (Jim Lauria), Monittor (Noemi Kis), Orège North America (Wayne Johnson), Rodney Hunt (Ranjit Nair), SSI Aeration, Inc. (Doreen Tresca), and SUEZ WTS (Samantha Kendrick). Please join us in warmly welcoming these new companies to WWEMA! Their contact information is listed in the WWEMA Member Directory that can be found in the Members-Only section of the WWEMA website. Their addition brings the total new member count for calendar year 2022 to 27!