WWEMA is the leading Association of companies representing drinking water and wastewater technology manufacturers and related services. For more than 100 years, the Association has provided a forum where disparate and often competing companies can come together to identify issues of common concern as well as strategies for tackling those issues. The WWEMA umbrella provides a platform for advocacy and influence in the water industry that no one company can achieve on its own. WWEMA’s connections on Capitol Hill, within the Administration, at the state and local levels, and among other water industry organizations ensures members a “seat at the table” when new legislation, regulations, and policies are being developed; and provides members the networks needed to solve company-specific challenges.


  • Promotes fair trade and the elimination of barriers to fair trade for environmental goods and services.
  • Advocates for the use of value-based procurement practices, which take into account factors beyond lowest initial price and reward those companies that offer the greatest value in technology and service to their customers.
  • Supports the creation of sustainable infrastructure financing mechanisms to build, maintain and replace our nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Protects manufacturers from unreasonable risks associated with onerous contract terms and conditions and levies.
  • Works to eliminate barriers and unnecessary costs associated with acceptance and use of our members’ products and technologies.
  • Works to develop science-based environmental regulations that recognize the state of today’s water and wastewater system technologies.
  • Advises federal agencies and departments on policies and programs to help bolster U.S. exports of environmental goods and services.

WWEMA also provides resources, market intelligence, and networking opportunities to ensure that members are always in-the-know on breaking issues and industry trends. Our products and services include:

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