Thank you for your interest in joining WWEMA! As a WWEMA member, you’ll join a group of the most influential companies in the industry—leaders and decision-makers who are working together to shape the future of water and wastewater technology—and you’ll access resources to help your company grow and succeed.

WWEMA Full Membership.

Any persons, firms, or corporations engaged directly or through an affiliate(s) in the manufacture or assembly of machinery and/or appurtenances, including treatment media, used in the adjustment, conservation, or handling of water. Full Members shall have all rights of activity and voting privileges and can hold positions of Director or Officer. Eligibility restricted to manufacturers only. Annual dues amounts are tiered and are based on gross sales.

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WWEMA Associate Membership.

Any non-manufacturing persons, firms, corporations, or other commercial or academic entity involved in the water and wastewater industry. Associate Members shall have all rights and privileges of a Full Member except that such members shall not have the right to vote and may not hold positions of Director or Officer. Eligibility restricted to non-manufacturing businesses only. Associate Member dues are based on the type of business, as follows:

Manufacturer Representative or Distributor ($2,500)

Publications/Media Firms/Human Resources Firms ($2,500)

Other ($3,500). Category includes non-manufacturing Associate Member companies not included in the other categories listed. Associations are eligible for membership except those representing water treatment technology or other companies that are eligible for WWEMA Associate membership.

Private Equity Firm. At least one subsidiary company of a private equity firm must be a WWEMA member in order for a private equity firm to separately hold a WWEMA membership. Dues are calculated using the same manufacturer dues schedule that is based on total gross sales to the water and/or wastewater industry for each held company with any dues paid by the respective private-equity-held WWEMA-member company(ies) subtracted from the amount owed by the private equity parent company, subject to a $5,000 minimum dues level.

Parent Company of multiple manufacturer representative firms. Membership is desired to be held at the individual manufacturer representative firm at the doing-business-as (DBA) company level, although parent companies of manufacturing representative firms are separately eligible for Associate membership. In the latter instance, the parent company’s dues would be calculated based on the sum of the dues for all their respective held companies minus any dues paid by their individual companies holding a separate WWEMA membership, subject to a $5,000 minimum dues level.

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