Value-Based Procurement

Value-based procurement, also known as “best value” procurement, means evaluating purchases beyond price. It means going beyond “lowest responsible bidder” criteria to weigh in factors such as long-term value, evolving technologies, customer service, and design aesthetics. WWEMA advocates for governments and private entities to used value-based procurement methods to ensure the best use of their water and wastewater capital budgets.

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WWEMA Efforts

  • Optimizing Public Agency Purchasing Power: WWEMA, together with the National Association of Clean Water, has published this joint document to identify procurement methods that achieve maximum return on investment.
  • Bidding Procedures and Equipment Procurement: This 31-page report represents the proceedings of a WWEMA-led session at WEFTEC 2011 and includes] results of an extensive survey of the 50 states regarding which procurement options and project delivery methods they allow under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.
  • ConsensusDocs: WWEMA is a member of a coalition of more than 40 associations in the public works and construction industries that are collaborating to develop standardized contracts that incorporate industry best practices and fairly allocate risk.

Additional Resources

Sample Procurement Policies

A number of municipalities have recognized the value of considering the “total cost of ownership” and have integrated it into their procurement policies: