Full Member: An equipment manufacturer engaged directly or through an affiliate(s) in the manufacture or assembly of machinery and/or appurtenances, including treatment media, used in the adjustment, conservation or handling of water. Full Members shall have all rights of activity and voting privileges. Eligibility restricted to manufacturers only.

Dues Schedule – 1st Year Full Member

Full Member Dues: First Year Full Members receive a 66% reduction in membership dues during their first year of WWEMA membership. Dues are based upon your company gross revenue.
Count your total gross sales to the water and/or wastewater industry during the preceding 12-month period. Include product, services, repair parts, and direct shipments from your suppliers to your customers. If a parent company and/or division holds membership in WWEMA and pays maximum dues ($18,525), other divisions and/or the parent can hold membership based on 30% of the maximum dues ($5,558), or according to its appropriate dues category, whichever is the lesser amount.

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