MichBusiness honored Duperon Corporation with its Succession Success award on November 30 at the 4th Annual Best of MichBusiness Awards and Gala in Detroit. Duperon Corporation, innovator of liquids/solids separation systems for the preliminary treatment and management of water and water resources, was hon-ored for successfully transitioning family business leadership from one generation to the next. Terry L. Duperon, inventor of the legendary FlexRake® technology, founded Duperon Corporation in 1985 in Saginaw, Michigan, after inventing a simple, adaptable solution for flood control that is still in use today. In 2010, after 25 years of continuous improvements and new inventions, Duperon transitioned from his role as president and CEO to chairman of the board. Daughter Tammy L. Bernier stepped into her father’s role after steering the company through significant growth as vice president and COO. Brought on in 2016, WWEMA board member Mark Turpin has successfully transitioned into his role of Duperon Corporation president while Bernier remains in her role as CEO.

“It’s a privilege to receive this honor for successful succession. We’ve been devoted to realizing our plan for succession and sustainability and have continued to build an experienced team and leadership group led by president Mark Turpin,” said CEO Tammy L. Bernier.” Terry Duperon fostered a culture of innovation that started with a fresh idea to keep waterways free of debris, sketched on a napkin in the 1970s. The current leadership team is well positioned to continue my father’s dream of business being a place to do good while unleashing the passions and gifts of our team.”

Congratulations to Tammy, Terry, and the whole Duperon team!