The US Water Alliance (Alliance) released the Executive Summary of the One Water for America Listening Sessions results on December 14, 2017. The Alliance worked with more than 40 partner organizations, including WWEMA, to host 15 One Water for America Listening Sessions in 2017. These discussions, which took place across the country, engaged more than 500 leaders including water utility managers, public officials, business executives, farmers, environmental and watershed advocates, community organizations, planners, and philanthropic organizations. The goal of the sessions was to create an opportunity to dialog on the convergence of long-term trends, short-term crises, and tremendous political opportunities for change around water and to discuss how to create a new era of water management in America—one that secures economic, environmental, and community well-being.

The findings of the listening sessions are organized around 7 Big Ideas for the sustainable management of water:

  • Advance regional collaboration on water management
  • Accelerate agriculture-utility partnerships to improve water quality
  • Sustain adequate funding for responsible water infrastructure management
  • Blend public and private expertise and investment to address water infrastructure needs
  • Redefine affordability for the 21st century
  • Reduce lead risks, and embrace the mission of protecting public health
  • Accelerate technology adoption to build efficiency and improve water service

The Executive Summary and project website can be found here. The Alliance plans to release a series of policy briefs around the 7 Big Ideas beginning in January that will include a webinar for each topic that features their partners in the effort, and the innovative examples at the local, regional, state, national levels that are highlighted in the report.

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